Day 25

Heyyy… How are all of you?? I realised that I didn’t really ask abt you guys in my last few post so im sorry. Just caught up in my own little world and life kinda.
I know this post is like kinda late for the 25th day but mehhhh. Stuff happened again so yea… Work was mehhh everything was kinda meh today. It was what happened in Dana’s room that is the best part of the day hahha. We had a karaoke session in their room using the karaokeparty website. Had so much fun singing loudly and not caring how bad we all sound cos we were all having fun. And for someone who totally hates her voice, this is like a big deal. After K session, I showed Dana, Wei Ming’s wordpress blog and she was like OMGGGGGGG so much feelsssss makes me feel like giving him a hug in the morning. And then I was also like feeling the same cos yea… he can really write well but his last update was like on the 28th of December 2014. But oh wells, those kind of feelings he was feeling are not something you can shake off that easily within a few months especially since he put in so much effort into the team and in the end not be the president just cos he is doing his internship here in China and not in Singapore. It’s so unfair right???
Anyways this is all I have for today cos I’m kinda lazy and tired so yea haha. Love ya all still… Nighty nights.

“There is always inequality in life. Some men are killed in a war and some men are wounded and some men never leave the country. Life is unfair.” – John F. Kennedy



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