Day 24

Hey guy, it’s the 24th day I am here in ChangChun, China. Boyy, yesterday was so tiring even though we didn’t do much. First of all, we had work but work was so short cos we start at 10am, and our lunch break is 2 hrs starting from 11am which means we only have 1 hr of work before lunch and then we work for another 2 hrs till 3 pm where we have to catch the shuttle bus back to the main hospital where our bus will pick us up and bring us back to the hotel. So technically, I only work for around 3hrs per day. And what we did at work yesterday was just have a small introduction to the department and a rough timeline as to what we would be doing this whole week that we are attached to the department. And we also got to control the machine used in radiation treatment, the CLA (clinical linear accelerator) it was pretty cool to be able to be so close to the machine and even get to operate it. This experience isn’t something that will come by so easily in Singapore. So it was pretty much a right choice to come here. Even with all these shitty drama I have to tolerate from my roommate.
After work, we all come back to the hotel and then finally had western food in China, after a long 23 days before tasting western food again. The pasta isn’t really that tasty cos it’s hard and cold for god knows what reason. But pasta is pasta, finally seeing a decent plate of pasta feels so freaking good, almost feels like waking up to your birthday and see presents waiting to be opened. The place we went to is called pie & pie if I didn’t remember wrongly haha cos I was just blindly following the guys. After food, it was shower then movie at the guys’ room. We watched X-men the first class a few days ago then yesterday was X-men origin: Wolverine. We were actually planning to do an X-men marathon beforehand but after watching one movie, all our butts were aching and most of us actually managed to doze off while watching the movie so we decided to just do one per day or something like that.
Today, was so freaking boring. The machine broke down in the department and we couldn’t do anything so it was just slack in the meeting room playing taidi and donkey till it’s time for us to go back to the main hospital. We had to go back earlier today cos we have a lecture at 1pm at the main building so yeaaa. The lecture was so boring you know. I slept through the whole damn thing and woke up to realise everyone was also sleeping and the doctor was still talking as if the whole class was awake. Oh wells, today hasn’t ended so there isn’t much to say abt today. I might update again tonight if I still have the energy to do it after another X-men movie. Usually, I will just knock out after a movie even if it is a horror. We watched insidious and insidious 2 back to back and I went back to the room and immediately fall into the hard bed and slept. Hahah yeaps so that’s all folks. Will update again soon since my lappy is forever on my bed now.
“Friends are born, not made.” – Henry Adams


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