Halfway Mark

Hey guys, I’m so sorry that this post is gonna sound so incoherent cos I’m really mnot thinking much and the WiFi here is really really bad. Only manage to get it working properly like recently. So yea… please be understanding haha…

Today marks the halfway mark of our OITP in ChangChun. Haiz this 3 weeks are like hellish for me cos of the person I am rooming with. What a bitch you know. Freaking cannot stand her anymore. She expects everyone to cater to her needs and we are all insignificant in her eyes, it is as if the world needs and should be revolving around her all the time… All this are caused by one very important person in her life. Her freaking mother. The one that spoiled her like that’s the only thing she knows how to do since she has given birth to her. Oh wells, this drama isn’t gonna bring me down on this remaining trip

Other than this down in the 3 weeks everything else has been freaking awesome. I, as an outsider to this class, have been accepted wholeheartedly everyone treated me like I already belonged there and I wasn’t even a stranger in the first place. I have never expected that I will be accepted this quickly. I thought we would need like at least 1 week plus before any of the guys starts warming up to me. But noo, it only took like 2 – 3 days before ppl started talking to me like I was a part of the class, this is of course after the initial awkwardness where we don’t know what to really start talking about. OMG… I can’t stop spazzing internally over how sweet all the guys were when they posted the class picture we took together outside the museum we visited yesterday. One of the guy, Wei Ming posted that picture and captioned it as ‘“Ohana” Means family, and family stand side by side, hand in hand. No matter what’. After Dayana showed me this, all of us that are in her room just went AWWWWWWW so sweet. After that Dana was like, see Jun, the guys see you as part of the family already and they are all so damn sweet. When I read that, I can totally feel my heart melting at how sweet he was.

So far during this whole trip, all the guys have been like so helpful and really proper gentlemen. They are always looking out for all of the girls, making sure we are walking with them and not walking at the back whenever we are outside. And we were on a hike last week and all the guys just placed themselves all along the way like mini checkpoints to make sure all the girls are accounted for and everybody is still able to catch up with the group. Ahhhhhh they are too damn sweet man. They are all like older brothers to me and talking to them is so much easier than talking to guys in my class.

Oh wells, I better treasure them for the remaining 3 weeks. I really should do something for them right? Hmmmm, if only I have proper stationaries and coloured papers then I would be able to make them all little thank you cards and I shall get them chocolates too J haha

P.S Sorry abt this weird-ish post cos I’m really having trouble forming proper sentences and writing properly. So yea… And I’ll try to update weekly since the WiFi is kinda working already.

“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” – Lilo And Stitch



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