Hey guys I am so freaking sorry. I really don’t have enough time to even open another tab and start writing another post. I am just so overwhelmed by shit happening in school and everywhere around me. I have so many test and quizzes this week. 3 freaking test. One of it is like 40% of the whole module and I’m not even done preparing for it so I’m pretty much screwed.

And I am just that tiny winy bit close to murdering doctors. They are horrible people, all they have been doing for my migraines are just stuffing me with painkillers or just asking me to get more sleep. And I am just freaking going ‘rightttttt if I can get the pain of the migraine to go away or even subside with your painkillers or sleep, I won’t even be here for like the third time’ in my head. Oh wells I freaking just have to deal with whateve cards I’m dealth with in life right? There are people who are suffering even worst stuff. So I should just shut up and suck it up.

SO… I will really really really post daily again once I get pass this week. I promise hahah okay bye guys this post is sucky, I know but I did write this within a song hahah. yea that’s how I count how much time has passed. Bye

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne



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