New Year Resolutions

Hey guys 🙂 so how’s 2015 so far? Hope it’s good so far haha. So yea decided to share 3 of my resolutions, I seriously hope I can keep them hahah I tend to forget them even though I write it like everywhere hahahah.

So firstly, it is to read 2 books every month:) I have like a pile of new books waiting for me to read. Mainly got books for my Christmas presents so yea got 5 books waiting for me and I’ll write a short review on them if I have no idea what to write my post on. This resolution might be something really easy for me to stick to haha I mean sitting at my study table, I see that 5 unread books staring back at me begging me to read them haha

Secondly, it is to write a handwritten letter to someone that really helped me out that month. Hopefully won’t be the same person every month? haha I mean it will be pretty awkward passing a letter to the same person 2 months in a row thanking them right? Okay maybe it isn’t that weird but it’s just me hahah:)

Lastly, it is to save $4 every month and not use them which is kinda like saving $1 per week. Hahahah sounds like a pretty easy thing to do right? haha But for me, it is practically impossible I tend to overspend and sometimes if I see a book I really really want or something I really really really have to get, I can’t help but to just get them and there goes all my money hahah so yeaps haha I’ll try my best to curb that and have at least $48 set aside by the end of the year:)

So there you go haha my New Year Resolutions, I better keep to them hahah. Love ya all and have a great year people:)

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” ~ Pablo Picasso



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