To Be Resolved

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Be Resolved.”

To Be Resolved

We’re entering the final days of 2014 — how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?

Heyyyyyy IM SO SORRY the post is 27 mins late. IM SO SORRY 😥 I was stressed over my brother’s school application. I freaking forgot to help him apply cos I kept thinking the deadline was at 2359 instead of 1700 URGHHHHHHH freaking ass. How can I forget such an important thing:( Yea, while I’m stressing over that, my bro is just like miss then miss lor. No big deal. URGHH I was sitting there on the verge of tears cos it’s freaking tertiary education application and I forgot to apply for him. And he is like no big deal. URGHHH. You must be wondering why am I applying for him instead of he doing the application right, the reason is cos he has to work. He works part time as a waitress during the holidays. So yea, I became the one to do this for him. URGHHH Anyways enough of this, I’m gonna call up the headquarters and ask if he can still apply. I’ll feel freaking like an ass if he is unable to apply and has to retake the exams and stuff again.

Well, back to the prompt. Like most people, I screwed my New Year’s resolutions up pretty badly hahah. I said and written down that I wanna at least exercise everyday, like just a set of push-ups or squats will count as exercise already during Dec last year, I was doing squats and push-ups every single day. But apparently once I wrote it down, I stopped doing it much hahah. Another resolution I screwed is for my studies hahha. I said I wanted to focus more on school and stop playing too much of computer games. Well I kinda kept to one part of it. I stopped playing computer games but then I got distracted by mangas and TV series that I have previously downloaded during the holidays.

So yea all these stuff are kinda like the left-over shit I’m carrying over into 2015. Bye guys, I’m gonna curl up in bed and start beating myself up over how I keep forgetting stuff and how I forgot something so freaking important.

“He who has regrets cannot look at himself in the mirror.” ~ Eric Cantona



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