NaBloPoMo Dec Prompt for 18 Dec

Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Do you believe this is true?

Heyyy as you can see I got lazy to think of what to write again hahah please guys give me some ideas haha, my brain is dead during the holidays

So, I believe the saying is true. I mean you are what you think right hahah. You can’t exactly be optimistic if you are always thinking negative stuff right? I mean you can pretend to be all optimistic about a situation but inside you know you will never be optimistic about it. And you all can’t deny the fact then when you think of something happy or pure-ish, you are smiling right? I guess regarding to this saying, I am shaped by my own thoughts too. My own thoughts created/molded me into the person I truly am today.
My parents did play a part in my life when I’m growing up and stuff but ultimately it is what I choose to believe and choose to think that made me who I am. I still remembered this incident from when I was younger haha. I failed my math exam for the first time and that was like in upper primary. And when I brought the exam paper home, obviously I got scolded but my mum said this is just one time and she knows I can do better the next time. But I still remember that I was thinking how I am just gonna continue doing badly cos I catch no ball in class(I didn’t think that when I was younger but yea… it fits haha) And I kept thinking how math is hard and how I’m never gonna do well, and see where I am today. I freaking struggling with all my math modules and stuff constantly just scoring a pass. I don’t know if it would change anything but if I didn’t think about how I will continue doing badly, I may still be doing fine in math, maybe not scoring like an A but maybe at least a B? Hahaha. And for alot of situations, we can always choose to see the positive side of things and kinda be happier but I don’t think anyone would really see the good side in everything right? It is like our choice to not see those. For me, I choose not to always see the good side cos seriously it is not realistic at all. In life, there is not always a silver lining in every situation is there?

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” ~ William Arthur Ward



One thought on “NaBloPoMo Dec Prompt for 18 Dec”

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