Happy Place

Hey guys, so yesterday I was kinda depressed and pissed off at everything in general so I decided to talk alitte abt my happy place haha

So my happy place in my head is actually in the woods. In the woods, where only a little sunlight passes through and there’s this really pretty clearing with little blue forget-me-not flowers and with a flat-ish rock in the middle where I sit and contemplate about stuff. So why the woods. Actually I have no idea too hahah, the first place that comes to mine with I first starting visualising my happy place is the woods. I guess it’s cos nobody would really go wandering around in the woods rightttt. And also I kinda like being in nature even though I get a little squirmish thinking about all the creepy crawlies there. But my like of being in nature overrides the part of my brain that cares abt these creepy crawlies hahah. I actually think alot and alot of my happy place, hiding there way too often that I think it’s very unhealthy haha but better hiding there than giving up on life right.

Okay guys hahha as you can see, I don’t really have much to say so yeaa. Love ya 🙂 OHHHHHH what’s your happy place? 🙂 Byeeee

Smile. It will get you through the ups and downs and leave everyone around you in a happy place. ~ unknown



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