Random Babble

Hey guys,

So yea I didn’t write today’s daily prompt cos it’s kinda mehhhh not something I’ll really write for today. HAIZ this post is gonna be short again. Still not feeling all that well but alot better than yesterday.

So today, the 14th is my birthday but I don’t really celebrate my birthday after starting poly. I have no idea why haha, I just kinda stop paying attention to it much. Didn’t really care that only a few people wished me happy birthday last year. But this year, I have no idea why I kinda wished that someone would wish me happy birthday. Apparently nobody did, apparently everybody forgot my birthday. And to think I even bothered remembering everyone’s birthday even though it is so hard for me to remember June babies birthday hahha just can’t remember no matter how hard I try. Have to write it in my calander to remember. Urgh why the freak am I feeling all sad and depressed that nobody remembered? Urghhh and to think I’ve already told myself that I don’t really care. Urghhh oh goshhh I seriously feel like cursing and crying my hearts out but what’s the point man. What’s the point. They have already forgotten what’s the point of wasting my energy crying and cursing? Urgh okay guys byeeeee. Time to go pick up the broken pieces of my heart and try to fix them together again, urgh how the hell should I even pick them up when I can’t even tell my heart and the dirt on the ground. Okay enough depressing stuff byeee. Love you guys

“It takes a long time to become young.” ~ Pablo Picasso



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