A Message To My Lover’s Girlfriend

Thought Catalog


You certainly came as a surprise.
A blip on my Facebook feed,
I nearly missed you.
But, I recognized him instantly.
That is, the man I’d been sleeping with.
The one who was smiling next to you
In your profile picture.

A quick scan on social media told the truth,
That he had so conveniently forgotten to mention.
The facts rolled in and stirred the anger that
Boiled in the pit of my stomach.
Two years together.
Countless couples selfies.
Holidays spent with family.
Sweet nothings posted on Facebook walls.
It would appear that I was the other woman.

I almost had to scoff at us,
What a pair we made.
And our shared boytoy
So cliché.

Your face was sweet and open,
Dotted with freckles.
Your smile a little too wide;
A result, I’m sure, of a charmed life.
Your build was soft and maternal.
Dressed in…

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