Question to Everyone

Hey Guys, I’ve got a question to ask everyone haha I hope you would answer me cos I really wanna to know how to. Here’s the question

” How do you get over someone? “

Hahaha I know this question is hard to answer but yea… I really liked this guy but I know he doesn’t like me back and in already in the process of wooing this other girl. So obviously I felt my heart shattered and stuff, and I just wanna know how to get over him and kinda just move on with life. But it’s so freaking hard to do it especially alone. And this isn’t a topic I can just talk to with anyone, I am normally the one listening and not the one experiencing these kind of stuff. And I don’t do well with sharing of feelings in person. He was like the first I really opened up to so yea… I think you get what I mean? hahah Thus, I’m here asking you guys for advice.

Thanks in advance and love ya



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