Monday Blues

Hey Guys,

Today was so sucky that I actually didn’t even have the mood to write anything or even memorise stuff for my Anatomy and Physiology paper that is tomorrow morning. Urghh I’m not even done with the revision just gonna go in and YOLO it hahaha. Today’s paper really brought my mood down. Went home PMSing at every little thing that happened like getting my foot stepped on by this dude that cant even balance urghh and here I was thinking that people would have a better sense of balance. After all, I got my balancing skills from standing in the trains and bus hahah, I practically would not fall or even move from my spot unless I have to move in to let more people into the train/bus. Haiz, I guess some people just cannot pick up that simple skill of balancing in the trains.

But today wasn’t all just the blues hahha. Finally got a chance to talk to my closest guy friend who is in NS right now haha, he is always so tired from all the training that he don’t even have time to talk to me 😦 don’t even remember when was the last time hahahah. Oh wells, doesn’t really matter, he promised that we’ll chat again tmr hahaha and if he goes back on the promise, he’ll treat me to a meal hahahhah 🙂

That’s all guys 🙂 I need to go try and cram stuff into my head even though I said I’m going to YOLO hahah which is still what I’m going to do, less than 1% of the information will enter my brain so yea haha 🙂 Love ya

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” ~ Sonia Ricotti



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