Cousin’s Wedding :)

Heyyyyy guys:) sorry this post is like late but yea hahaha had such a tiring day but loved every moment of it:)

So if everyone remembered that in my previous post I say I was attending my cousin’s wedding right? It was on the 6th of Dec and the whole day was magical hahah I don’t even know how to describe the feelings and stuff I felt

So I’ll give you guys a summary of what happened haha:) I attended the church wedding in the morning had to wake up at like 7 just to get ready. Then after the ceremony we had a buffet and I ate so much food that I thought I was gonna burst hahaha
Then we went home and rested and changed before going for the dinner at Sentosa, can’t remember the hotel’s name though. Reached there, mingled around with the ppl. And there was a instant photobooth so we went and took pics AND I finally got a pic with all my cousins minus the bride cos she went to change into another gown. Then we had dinner and a dessert buffet, had a little red wine too didn’t like it at all hahaha, guess I don’t know how to drink it and even that little can get me a little drowsy. So I’m just like typing this whole post half awake, didn’t want to wait till the morning cos I said I’ll post everyday so yeaaa

That’s about it I guess hahahaha thanks guys:) love you all:) and urghh I need my bed



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