Wronged Objects

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wronged Objects.”

If inanimate objects have feelings and emotions, I really owe an apology to almost every one of them hahah. The doors cos I tend to slam the door whenever I get pissed at something, that is if I’m going to enter a room pissed hahah.

The study table I share with my brother, I totally mistreat it hahha. Whenever I need to write down something important or I have a wave of inspiration for my school projects or something, I just doodle on the table top when I can’t find recycled papers to write on hahahha, kinda defeats the purpose of me keeping a stack of the on the table for these times. Always goes missing when I need it and appear when I don’t need it hahah. Must be the table being pissed at me or it’s just me and being able to unintentionally find stuff whenever I don’t need them. And sometimes I forget to erase away those doodles so my tabletop is either filled with random writings or it is as if nobody has ever defiled it hahahhah.

OHHHHHH and I must apologise to my lappy. I’m so sorry lappy, I dropped you today, left you behind in the classroom and only noticing after like getting a seat during lunch AND I’m super duper sorry for always typing sooo hard and even harder when I am in a rush or pissed haha. Sorry my precious, don’t take it to heart and I’ll treasure and love you more okay? 🙂

“An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.” ~ Lynn Johnston




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