Second Week Of School

Hi Guys, sorry I have not posted for a while haha cos I really had no idea what to write about and seriously my life isn’t that interesting to have stuff to blog about every time J but oh wells I can’t possibly leave this blog not updated right?? I’ll never really forgive myself if I did that haha cos I did it with my previous blog.

Soooo, last week was the official start of sch and lectures were pretty slack and easy to follow. Though I hated my BEP lecturer, he is suck a sexist, racist and whatever –ist, I can think of. His second question for the lecture is “Do you think females make a good leader?” And all of the girls in class were just like whatttttttt and cursing at him in our head about how he is such a sexist. I’m not 100% certain that is going through all the other girls’ mind but it is definitely in my mind. Urghh after that, all of us isn’t really paying attention to him already. The other lectures I had were fine, not much of a problem with them except some really can’t teach. I had no idea what one of them was talking abt the whole lecture, he was just talking to himself mumbling throughout.

Hahaha, enough abt sucky lecturers haha. We are stuck with them and it’s not like we had a say in choosing them, so I will have to live with it and pass all my modules to not see them again haha. So today I went out with Nerissa again, went to MOS again hahah. It’s like always the norm with her, MOS at toing then at most go to Popular and pray that I can find the books I want. I still can’t find gathering blue anywhere, really should go Kinokuniya. They have a wider range of books hahah, really hope I can find Gathering Blue and/or A Game of Thrones seriously want to read them so badly urghhhhh. Books I need my books. HAHA they are like my drugs hahah. AND I bought a book today hehe finally a book after so long. Bought Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, hopefully it will not disappoint me too much haha.

That’s all for now, gotta go study for my anatomy& physiology test that is on next Monday. And seriously, please tell me if there’s anything I should blog abt and do comment Love ya all Byeee

“My girlfriend is sad and quiet and keeps me up all night worrying about her.” – Rainbow Rowell Eleanor & Park


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